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Test your SolidWorks Skills

April 26th, 2009

I recently came across SolidProfessor’s Online Tests/Exams. There are exams on several areas including PDMWorks, PhotoWorks, SheetMetal and Advanced Part and Assemblies. You can even make your own custom exam.

No registration is required. Simply enter your email, take a go at the multiple choice questions, and see how you get on. You’ll get emailed the results. The time taken to complete the exam is included in the email.

There are also a range of SolidWorks Certification Exams available including CSWA, CSWP etc. There are sample exams available here (cswa) and here (cswp).

If you know of any other online exams you can take to test and fine-tune your SolidWorks skills, leave a comment below.


  1. K.Kaliyaperumal
    August 24th, 2010 at 16:26 | #1

    I want test my Solidworks 2009 skill in part, Sheet metal, Assembly and Drawing..



  2. August 24th, 2010 at 22:38 | #2
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