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How to Recover Virtual Parts in SolidWorks

August 3rd, 2009

recovering-virtual-parts-in-solidworksThis article outlines how I saved myself an hour of work by been able to recover virtual parts after SolidWorks crashed.

While I was working on an old assembly project, I took some parts, and went “form new subassembly”. It prompted me for a template and off I went opening up the New sub-assembly. I saved regularly. Little did I realise that I was working on a Virtual sub-assembly. After spending 60+minutes working on the sub-assembly, saving it religiously (thinking I had it saved externally). I went back to the main assembly and was fixing a few mate errors when, solidworks froze. I was a little impatient, thinking I had my sub-assembly and 60+ minutes work saved! After re-opening the assembly I saw no sign of my work, and was about to pack it in for the day.

After a bit of looking, I found my virtual assembly and virtual parts :-)
They were located in:
After sorting by Date Modified, the parts were in a folder called “swx5792”. I copied the part out of there and to safety.

Phfew. Thanks SolidWorks. As virtual parts become more and more mainstream, I hope this tip will help somebody and save them some time.


  1. JGatenby
    February 26th, 2015 at 15:27 | #1

    This can also be used to find and open a virtual component when that particular component is in rollback, making it impossible to edit the assembly.

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