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SolidWorks 2010 Initial Review

August 24th, 2009

SW2010-Install-4Well after getting my hands on SW2010, I got straight into installing it and looking through the Whats New PDF. The install went fine, albeit I had to end Windows Explorer and WinSCP processes (hopefully this means that the install will be rock solid). For those people who may not be familar with the procedure, I put up some screenshots. In the case of the third image, you may need to go to the View -> Select ColumnsĀ -> PID to see the appropriate column. Remember, this is only a beta release! I also did change the install directory to Program Files/SolidWorks Corp 2010/.


The install finished fine. No need to restart the PC as I ended Windows Explorer (and left explorer.exe closed for the duration of the install). I started SW2010 up, activated it and that was it. Easy.
I won’t put the Whats New 2010 PDF here. Here are a few things I like:

PhotoView 360:

  • Choose a 2d Background Image
  • Choose a 3D HDRI Image
  • Save a Custom View!

SolidWorks 2010:

  • Multi-bodies in Sheet Metal
  • SolidWorks RX – Download Graphic Card Drivers automatically
  • Mouse Gesture Support
  • View Decals in eDrawings and SW w/out PhotoWorks enabled
  • SolidWorks Network Monitor (interesting)

That’s it for the moment. Lots and lots more to come.


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