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Xenocode – running applications (SolidWorks) in the “cloud”

September 5th, 2009

xenocode-solidworks Josh over at solidsmack and a few otherstalk a lot about running applications in the “cloud” and how SolidWorks 3D CAD will run on the Internet, and people use it as required. Its also referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service). Up until today, I didn’t realise how, apart from a citrix or remote desktop scenario which suffers from bandwidth issues. Matt over at dezignstuff has a good article about this, with comments regarding bandwidth issues.

Let me introduce xenocode. I originally came across it for a way to run IE6, IE7 etc for web development purposes.
After a little 2MB app is run, any application can be run within a minute or two. The xenocode website has some examples, from winamp to a DivX player, to Opera, Chrome etc. How about wanting to run Quicktime, without the hassle or large download?!

A few of the main points I found:

  • No installation of the program to run.
  • Full hardware support.
  • Network latency not an issue as application is not streamed when running.
  • Initial download of runtime environment does seem to be required.
  • Typically used for allowing demo use of software, i.e. IE8 etc.

Whether or not its a good idea, or whether it will take off is a different discussion altogether. It’s just with this, it seems a little more possible.