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Problems inserting Routing Components from the Design Library?

April 9th, 2010

Working on a piping project recently, I done a pack-and-go to make sure the project would open correctly on another computer. Weeks later when I got back to the project, I worked on the extracted pack-and-go, and started creating a new route, I found I could not insert piping components (flanges, tees etc.) from the Design Library via drag-and-drop. I would see no preview of the part in order to smart mate it into place. When I tried to drag and drop, I got the error “Drag and Drop Failed” and also “This component is already open, would you like to show it..”.

I’ve had this problem before with one or two parts, and what I done was to rename the particular flange in the Design Library to weld neck flange2 and then it would drag and drop in correctly. This time however it was more widespread.

After searching the SolidWorks Knowledge Base on the Customer Portal, I found my problem. My problem was specifically due to the Pack and Go that I done. The pack-and-go copied all my Routing parts from the Design Library into a flat folder. Upon opening this, the routing parts (flanges, elbows etc.) were loaded up from the Project folder rather than the Deisgn Library.

Keep all Routing Components (flanges, tees etc.) IN ONE PLACE, i.e. the Design Library
If you open an Assembly with routing components, and SW loads up a flange from Location X, you cannot drag and drop the same flange from Location Y. Use File -> Find References to check where SW loaded files up from.

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