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Restore .NET Framework back to its original state

July 25th, 2010


If you have done a clean re-install of SolidWorks and are still getting strange errors (such as missing dlls, or “unknown file types”), it may well be Microsoft .NET Framework at fault. Most of the time, looking in the Windows Event Viewer will confirm this if there are .NET Framework errors showing up.

The first step is to do a repair of .NET Framework, by going to Add/Remove Programs, right-clicking on .NET Framework (choose 3.5 or 3.1 if present) and going Repair. This should work, however sometimes it doesn’t.

You can also try:
Exploring the SolidWorks DVD and in the prereqs folder run “dotnetfx3.exe” (or dotnetfx3_x64.exe). I tried this however I got strange errors about “mscoree.dll” etc.

Download and usage

If all else fails, you can use a “.NET Framework Cleanup Tool“. It works really well and has worked for me every time. You can download this Executable Tool (in a Zip file) from:

  • Just run the exe file and go “Cleanup Now”.
  • It takes around 5 minutes to process and at the end you will be prompted to Restart the Computer. Restart the Computer/
  • After the reboot, look in Add/Remove Programs. If its Windows XP, you will see the original .NET Framework 1.1 listed. Thats perfect.
  • From the prereqs folder of the SolidWorks DVD run “dotnetfx3.exe” or “dotnetfx3_x64.exe”.
  • Once this is installed, you should be able to start SolidWorks. (No need to go reinstalling SolidWorks)
  • Fingers crossed the dll errors or strangeness in SolidWorks will have gone.

This worked fine on SolidWorks 2009 and SolidWorks 2010
Search the SolidWorks Knowledge Base for the dll error messages or for errors regarding the feature you are having issues with (such as property tab builder etc.) It will typically tell you if its a .NET issue.
Link to dotnetfx3.exe and dotnetfx3_x64.exe
After running the cleanup tool, rebooting, installing dotnetfx3.exe SolidWorks will work fine.
Installing .NET Framework 3 (the dotnetfx3.exe linked above and on the SW prereqs folder), will install .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0.
I suggest you run Windows Updates, several times. More than likely a .NET 3.5 will have to be installed. Note also, until you run Windows Updates and install all .NET Frameworks that were in place (in Add/Remove Programs in the very begining), some other installed programs on your computer may give out.
Lastly, use at your own risk!

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SolidWorks 2010 Initial Review

August 24th, 2009

SW2010-Install-4Well after getting my hands on SW2010, I got straight into installing it and looking through the Whats New PDF. The install went fine, albeit I had to end Windows Explorer and WinSCP processes (hopefully this means that the install will be rock solid). For those people who may not be familar with the procedure, I put up some screenshots. In the case of the third image, you may need to go to the View -> Select Columns -> PID to see the appropriate column. Remember, this is only a beta release! I also did change the install directory to Program Files/SolidWorks Corp 2010/.


The install finished fine. No need to restart the PC as I ended Windows Explorer (and left explorer.exe closed for the duration of the install). I started SW2010 up, activated it and that was it. Easy.
I won’t put the Whats New 2010 PDF here. Here are a few things I like:

PhotoView 360:

  • Choose a 2d Background Image
  • Choose a 3D HDRI Image
  • Save a Custom View!

SolidWorks 2010:

  • Multi-bodies in Sheet Metal
  • SolidWorks RX – Download Graphic Card Drivers automatically
  • Mouse Gesture Support
  • View Decals in eDrawings and SW w/out PhotoWorks enabled
  • SolidWorks Network Monitor (interesting)

That’s it for the moment. Lots and lots more to come.


SolidWorks 2010 here we come!

August 24th, 2009

SolidWorks 2010 beta has been released. News press here. Below is a sneak preview of the new Installation Manager. If you want to get your hands on it, head on over to I hope to blog about some of the new features I come across. Stay tuned!