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Download fasteners & hardware in SolidWorks format with full history tree

November 14th, 2011

There are several different places to get hardware and fasteners for your SolidWorks projects. The simplest is SolidWorks Toolbox which comes with SolidWorks Professional or Premium. You can also use however it is painfully slow. I recently needed to be able to download bolts and nuts with the thread fully modelled as it had to be printed in 3d with rapid prototyping. After some searching and reading of the SolidWorks Forums, I came across McMaster-Carr

I was delighted to find that I could download the SolidWorks format of every fastener I required with the full history tree intact, and also with the full modelled thread. A big kudos to McMaster-Carr. See below a nice screenshot of a bolt, nut and a square flange mounted bearing with the full history tree.

Some Parts downloaded from McMaster-Carr with the complete History Tree and full modelled thread.

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Cosmetic Threads in Assembly Drawings

June 23rd, 2010

I did come across this before, but forgot about it. Putting it here will remind me not to forget it again.

Query: Cosmetic threads do not appear in Assembly Drawings.

  1. Create a Part with a Hole Wizard Hole with Cosmetic Thread.
  2. Create a Drawing of the Part, the Cosmetic Thread shows up in Plan, Elevation, Section etc.
  3. Create an Assembly with the above Part.
  4. Create a Drawing of the Assembly, Cosmetic Threads do not show by default.

The SolidWorks Knowledge Base provided a quick answer (S-03448). The above functionality is intended. If you want to see cosmetic threads in Assembly Drawings, you have to go Insert -> Model Items -> Cosmetic Thread

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